Nationwide Platforms introduces intelligent secondary guarding innovation

Published:  05 October, 2015

Nationwide Platforms has developed and introduced a secondary guarding system designed to prevent a trapping or crushing accidents on mobile elevating working platforms (MEWP).

SkySiren PCS (Pre-Crush Sensing) automatically stops a MEWP boom before the operator collides with an object that could lead to trapping or crushing.

The system combines Nationwide Platforms' SkySiren secondary guarding device with a new system called Pre-Crush Sensing which uses ultrasound sensors to detect objects that present a trapping or crushing hazard. It also warns operators about potential hazards, so they are more alert in high risk areas.

When the platform moves to within a defined distance of an object, the sensors detect the sound waves that are reflected back from it. This triggers a signal to stop the MEWP.

To start the machine again and move towards the working position, the operator simply resets the safety foot pedal. While moving within the sensing zone around the object, the operator is continuously alerted by a flashing red light, and a personal alarm.

If, subsequently, the platform is operated in a way that risks entrapment, the SkySiren pressure sensor bar located across the control panel continues to protect the operator by stopping the MEWP. It then raises the alarm with a strobe light and a klaxon.

Mark Keily, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Director for Nationwide Platforms, said: ‘This is the first UK-manufactured Intelligent Secondary Guarding device available for boom-type MEWPS.

‘It is unique in that it provides two levels of protection. The PCS system is designed to prevent a trapping and crushing incident happening in the first place. SkySiren then provides a proven safety back-up.'

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