Smart dye kit finally cracks age-old “false positive” problem for UV leak detection

Published:  10 February, 2012

A new fluorescent dye from Spectroline is being hailed as a solution to a problem that has long prevented engineers on hydraulic and oil systems enjoying the benefits of ultraviolet (UV) leak detection.

Ingeniously, new Spectroline Red Dye solves the problem of “false positives” from oil, grease and hydraulic fluid, simply because of its unique colour.

In many industries, UV leak detection, which uses fluorescent additives and a blue (450nm) UV light, is well established as the simplest and most reliable way to pinpoint escaping fluids.

However, many of the substances used in hydraulic and automotive systems naturally fluoresce yellow under UV light: the same colour as other commercially available leak detection dyes, leading to the chance of false positive results from residual oil, grease or sealant.

In response, Spectroline has worked closely with a number of household names in the automotive and industrial markets to develop an exclusive, red dye, with spectacular results.

This special formulation is now available for the first time on the open market, in a range of eight products offering solutions and colours for a variety of different hydraulic and water-based situations – exclusively through Advanced Engineering.

Advanced sales director Vern Klein explains: “The benefit of having so many dye formulations and colours available is that we can offer bespoke combinations and fault-finding regimes for all manner of systems, engines and manufacturing plants.

“For example, an engine might have lubricant, coolant and fuel each dyed a different colour – enabling the engineer to not only spot the leak, but identify its source, as quickly as scanning with a lamp.

“UV leak detection is incredibly easy to use, and the dyes are all completely inert so they can be added to all manner of fluids without damage to the system. The possibilities are endless.”


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