Derbyshire Dales DC tanker that has been fitted with GreenRoad software

Derbyshire Dales fits GreenRoad to improve safety and cut costs

Published:  11 September, 2015

The GreenRoad driving behaviour and fleet performance system is to be fitted to all vehicles at Derbyshire Dales District Council to improve fleet performance, driver safety, and enhance visibility.

The software will be used on its entire fleet of road sweepers, light vans, refuse freighters, and other vehicles. The system continuously monitors and analyses 150 different vehicle movements and alerts drivers to risky behaviour in near-real time via a dashboard display.

Alerts keep managers aware of emerging issues in real time and a web-based dashboard allows them to monitor the whereabouts and safety status of all vehicles at a glanceand generate tailored reports.

Peter McEvoy, Operations Manager, Derbyshire Dales District Council, said: ‘Accurate up to the minute data is key to any effective fleet management operation, but to me it is essential. 

‘We are the most visible operator in the area which inevitably encourages complaints and allegations, the vast majority of which are just wrong. This necessitates me to undertake thorough investigations which used to take a long time. 

‘With the GreenRoad system I am now able to conduct any investigations as required  swiftly and effectively, with the ability to search back and establish where my vehicles and drivers were and what speed they were travelling  at a given time and date.

‘This reporting facility was very appealing as previously any investigation was very laborious and impractical in terms of time.’

A Derbyshire Dales council truck that has been fitted with GreenRoad software

GreenRoad also provides long-term beneficial changes in driving behaviour, leading to reduced fuel bills, lower insurance premiums, a decrease in accident-related costs and less wear-and-tear on vehicles.

‘While driver behaviour wasn’t one of my original selection criteria, once I saw the possibilities I was eager to adopt it,’ said Mr. McEvoy.

‘If we can improve driver safety and save on fuel while at the same time obtaining comprehensive fleet management information, it will be a huge bonus.’

Lucy Thomas, GreenRoad National Account Manager, said: ‘To meet the challenges of serving the local community including residents,  businesses and tourists, district councils, such as Derbyshire Dales, must deploy and manage a wide range of vehicles to maintain infrastructure and provide essential services, often on a limited budget.

‘The GreenRoad system adapts to the various vehicle types and sizes, helping employees accomplish on-the-job tasks safely and in a fuel efficient way which, in turn, further enhances the reputation of the District Council.’

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