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  • The latest news on industry, contracts won, and new product developments.
  • Future Fleet Forum will have a truly international perspective when it takes place at the Guildhall in London on January 24-25 2018.
  • Senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell had a strong message for transport managers at the Redbridge public sector show, says Phil Clifford.
  • Last year, Johnston Sweepers saw truck-mounted sweeper number 28,000 roll off its production line and into service.
  • Real-world data capture on emissions and fleet efficiency holds the key to smart, future-proofed fleet-purchasing decisions.
  • With the recent launch of its 3G digital recording facility, Brigade Electronics is taking on-vehicle camera safety to a new level.
  • As the move to greener alternatives gathers momentum, it is important to consider engine technology that is fit for purpose.
  • Rochdale Borough Council has become the first council in Greater Manchester to adopt the Autologic automatic gritting technology.
  • Sweepers could be gathering valuable resources and boosting council coffers by recycling waste into a resource.
  • Public buying organisations can help fleet managers make smarter procurement decisions, save time, and achieve better value for money, argue two procurement experts.
  • Many councils and contractors are recognising that multi-purpose vehicles for highways and ground maintenance are the way forward.
  • A contract hire agreement between SFS and Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council's Joint Waste Services is now one year in, and the company has added value in a number of ways.
  • The new Hako Citymaster 2200 is now available in the UK. LAPV's Steve Banner travelled to Germany to take it for a test drive.

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