A new data collection app, FleetWave Forms, has been unveiled by Chevin Fleet Solutions offering code-free customisation for more than just fleet.

The tool allows users to decide exactly what they want to capture and in what format.

The custom-build data collection forms can replace any manual or paper data collection form and can even be accessed offline, enabling automatic uploads into FleetWave as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

The app is designed with drag-and-drop tools for ease of use and allows managers to create their own data collection tasks using features such as dropdowns questions, free text entry, date/time selection, decimals, geolocation stamping, signature capture, barcoding and more.

The creator can specify who can access each form based on a number of varying factors such as driver name, vehicle type, job role, department and more. Workers can then simply log-in to view their forms, collect information and submit data back into FleetWave using either an iOS or Android device.

Ultimately, FleetWave Forms' benefits include:

  • Improved visibility of information from field workers
  • Direct and automatic integrations with FleetWave
  • Enhanced accuracy and timeliness
  • Creation of an auditable compliance trail
  • Enforcement of superior financial controls
  • Promotion of sustainability by digitising data and automating transfers
  • Increased security of confidential information¬†
  • Elimination of dual data entry

Ashley Sowerby, Chevin's managing director, said: 'FleetWave Forms is an easy-to-use mobile data collection solution that bridges the communication gap between a mobile workforce and the back office, working to eliminate paper-based methods of collecting information.

'Relying on manually intensive processes can expose an organisation to risks ' not to mention the actual cost and resources involved in managing paper. However, FleetWave Forms helps to improve the management of remote workforces, at the same time reducing administrative tasks and increasing productivity'

A pipeline of upgrades for FleetWave Forms is already under way and future versions are set to include a dispatch tool that allows forms to be attached to work orders and sent to technicians; additional data capture types and look up capabilities that allow the user to search the FleetWave database and improved graphical interface.

FleetWave Forms has been tested by several of Chevin's UK clients and is now available to the wider market.