Liverpool-based engine care specialist, Cataclean, has won a major contract to supply one of its flagship products to the RAC's entire fleet of UK patrol vehicles.

The firm had supplied Cataclean Diesel to 40 RAC patrol vehicles via distribution partner Euro Car Parts. Following this successful trial, the RAC commissioned Cataclean Diesel across the entire UK patrol fleet, 1400 vehicles.

Cataclean's director of sales William Jones said the product was selected following a rise in the number of RAC call-outs to vehicles with clogged diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

'The RAC receives regular roadside call-outs from drivers who have noticed dashboard warning lights flick on after DPFs have clogged' he said.

'Roadside technicians can usually clear the blockage via a manual regeneration. However, Cataclean can reduce the harmful build-up even further ' extending the period before which another regeneration is required.

'Essentially, the product will enhance the work that RAC technicians carry out at the roadside, while motorists will notice a direct benefit in their vehicle performance and enjoy greater peace of mind. It's a win-win situation.'

Cataclean Diesel is designed to meet the demands of modern diesel engines. It can lower harmful particulate emissions and reduces the risk of DPF clogging ' protecting and extending the lives of a vehicle's DPF and catalytic converter.

RAC technical director Phil Ryan said: 'With some 11 million diesel cars on the road it is not surprising that our patrols are increasingly encountering problems with diesel particulate filters.

'While they deal with these very effectively by using our highly sophisticated RAC Scan diagnostic tool to put the DPF into regeneration mode, being able to offer Cataclean Diesel to members is a way of avoiding having another DPF problem in the future. It can only enhance the customer service experience, especially as replacing a DPF can be very expensive.'